Millennials, Gen Zers, and Why Starting a Business in Church Planting Matters

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I’m not a statistician. I don’t really pay attention to national polls and the like. Often times those seemingly apply to no one and everyone at the same time … like a fortune cookie. For example, if you have an 80 year old and a 20 year old who’re the only two people living in the neighborhood. The “data” would show that the average age in this neighborhood is 50 years old … but we know more than that. Where am I going with this?

Every semester in the midst of teaching urban studies courses I teach religion courses at a local university. Many of my students don’t come from churched backgrounds, or if they do they went to Catholic mass with their grandparents once in a while. But since we talk religion, spirituality, culture, and the like then “church” comes up frequently. If I’ve observed and learned anything it is this … most students are not interested in church. Even those we grew up in it feel “blah” towards Sunday services and the like.

BUT, there’s good news.

When it comes to God or Jesus then students are interested and want to know or learn more. Nothing off-putting there. But when the primary vehicle has been Sunday services that’s where the disconnect comes to play. This is nothing new nor newsworthy. However, with each generation this is becoming more so the drum beat. Maybe we should listen …

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Here’s more good news.

Simple church? Good. Church built around relationships? Appealing. Again, Sunday services? Blech.

So maybe it’s time to stop squeezing people into a cultural box when it comes to church that is neither biblical nor unbiblical. Throughout church history the expression of church has always morphed with culture. Case in point. we do not do or act like the church in Acts … we don’t meet daily, we’re not selling our possessions to help one another, and the like. Why? We’d contend “culture” differences. Culture has changed. Yes, that is the point. And culture is always changing.

Here’s even more good news.

This kind of stripped down minimalistic kind go church doesn’t cost a penny. You need no overheard nor paid staff. It’s free. Yes, free.

With that said, we also are cognizant that the lead pastor / planter does need to earn an income. Amen. This is where startups come into the picture. What if? What if you could actually launch a business doing something you’re passionate about and interested in which would then free you up to simply love people and invite them into community with no string attached? There’s no ulterior motives. You don’t need their money. They are interested in Jesus and community. Through startups you can deliver an expression of church that meets people where they are at.

Crazy, huh?

That’s what Intrepid is about …