What Are You Giving Your Life Away To?


If there is a theme for all-things Intrepid it’s about this … giving our lives away. Giving away our time, talent, and treasures. Sometimes we only have one to give away. At other times we have all three to give away. I was watching again Drake’s “God’s Plan” music video last night and was reminded of this. There’s something innate within us that compels us to look out for the least, the last, and the overlooked.

Intrepid needs to be framed within that conceptual framework of giving our lives away … our time, treasures, and talents. We’re here for the betterment of others. This could be on an individual level or a whole neighborhood or community level. When we start businesses … it’s to benefit others and meet a need. When we plant churches … it’s to benefit others and meet a need. The most disheartening trend I see in ministry today is how many are using church planting as a platform to grow their personal brand and reputation. Yet we follow a Savior who gave it all away … literally and figuratively.

Again, the question before us is, “what are you giving your life away to?” Whether you’re starting a marketing company, architectural firm, cafe, food cart, or auto body shop, how are you serving and loving people in your neighborhood? That doesn’t minimize the need and desire to be successful in whatever venture you’re starting. If it’s a business we want to see you be ridiculously successful. Why? There’s more to give away to love and meet needs around you. That sounds like a life well lived.