Start Something ... It's Really Not That Hard


Crazy title, right? Pretentious? Possibly. That point? Whether you're considering launching a social enterprise or even a new church it is honestly not that difficult. Oh, and again, you don't even need any money. Now I'm meddling ...

Often times when we're on the front end of starting something inevitably it seems so overwhelming that it's almost not worth it. I think the problem though is we envision what the end goal or end "product" will be, right? For a business start-up we think of all of the infrastructure, staffing, branding, overhead, products, services, and so on. For a church we think of staff, space (like a building), Sunday gatherings, and so on. You're right, that IS overwhelming. But what if it didn't have to be that way?

But what if? What if you simply started? I'm not dismissing planning or anything like that. Depending on what you're starting will also determine how you go about starting or launching it. But I'm here to tell you that sometimes the best possible thing to do is start.

You see, once you start it (business, church, non-profit) then you can begin putting legs on it. The biggest obstacle is really that first step. However, once that step is taken then you can begin building and growing it. That is sounds almost counterintuitive. The reality is that there are so many questions and obstacles that you won't be able to tackle or address until you're actually in motion.

What this reveals is that with any venture at some point you have to take a leap. Risk is inherent in the process and there is no way to avoid it. But starting simple, starting small, and even starting with being self-sufficient from day one means that you have wiggle room to navigate and figure things out on the fly.

When we look back at the legendary start-ups that are beloved today (Apple, Amazon, etc) how many started in a garage? If they can start there then why can't you start simply as well?