How to Run With Intrepid


As we continue to burrow deeper into who we are we're finding that more and more intrepid souls are gathering around us. Many are resonating with our focus of not only combining church planting with community development, but doing so in places off the map. Besides, when it's "on the map" those who're pioneers instead look for the blank spaces.

The question we've been receiving lots has to do with "what does it mean to join Intrepid? What is the process?" What we've done is lay out the steps to take you from "interested" to being part of the Intrepid network. While these steps are minimalistic and basic, there are other ways to flesh them out in more detail as well as "off shoots" that I will explain later on. We've recently added these steps to our website, but let's walk through them.

1. Find a location

Simple. Where and whom is your heart yearning, bleeding, and breaking for? Is it a place or a people? Where are they? What currently is taking place there? Why does this place or people resonate with you?

Again, our focus is more on places and people "off the map." Yes, even in North America that's a lot easier than you could imagine. I recall a conversation with a North America rural ministry leader who said, "there are so many counties in the US that are more unreached than countries where we send missionaries." What is it about this place or people than compels you? You see, you're thinking about doing the unthinkable ... moving there. Do you envision planting a church? Launching a non-profit? A new business? All? Where ...

You can start by checking out our Strategic Communities list.

2. Connect with us

Next we'd love for you to connect with us and share. Maybe it's a neighborhood across the city or a rural community across the state or country (or even outside the U.S. and Canada). Connect with us and tell us. Maybe you already live there and intend to burrow deeper in your calling there. We'd love to hear from you. Drop us an email.

3. Mobilize a team

Who could join you? What would it look like to grab 3-5 of your closest friends, dream together, pray together, and begin making plans to transition there (unless you're already there)? You don't need to be a ministry professional or anything like that. Calling supersedes titles. Running with a team from the beginning ensures a support system and others to run with in your context.

4. Join a Cohort

Join one of our Intrepid cohorts. Currently we offer two cohorts ... (1) community development and (2) social entrepreneurship. Cohorts are a 6-12 month journey using proven resources, online community discussion, and action steps to help entrepreneurs, community developers, church planters, and church leaders seek the benefit, well-being, and blessing of their communities.

5. Relocate

Yes, pack up and move. Again, that might be across your city or across the country. That may mean moving from a larger city to a small colonia along the Arizona-Mexico borderThis is where (literally) the rubber hits the road. You need to step out and go ...

6. Pray Weekly

Once you land in your new location begin that first week by bringing your team together to simply pray. Seek the Lord on the behalf of your community. Pray for favor. Pray for connections. Pray for wisdom. Pray for open doors. Pray for what ails your new community. Ask the Lord to guide and carry you along. Do this every week.

7. Launch

When the time is right launch your new start-up. This could be your business, non-profit, or a continuation of being the church in your setting by inviting those you're connecting with to your table.

8. Stay connected

Our journey together has just started. As time goes on and we see more start-ups take place we'll be pulling together regional collectives for mutual support and encouragement.


Yes, it really is that simple. It should be. Through this process you have the opportunity to connect deeper within The Table Network. Also, if you need a denominational home you can also link up with Generate. If you're already part of a denomination that's totally fine. By our offering this to you is simply another way to help you succeed. If you're curious, go ahead and check out both The Table Network and Generate websites to learn more how we could serve you.

Sean Benesh