How Do You Fund Your Church Plant?

That's the wrong question to ask.

To be fair, that's not a bad question or wrong question or anything like that. Besides, I'm the one who asked it. However, when we lead with it then the whole narrative of church planting changes. We then move into the conversation about planting a "sustainable church" and all that goes with it. My thought is ... if we can make the church planter / missionary sustainable then the new church(es) are by default sustainable.

So how do we ensure planters / missionaries are sustainable long term?

Think about. How many church planters do you know who move to a new community with a fist full of start-up dollars and then three years later he's packing up with his family to move elsewhere to go on staff at a church because his funding ran out? That seems to be more of the norm in church planting than what we'd deem as success stories. Rather than continue doing what we're doing (and expecting different results) what if instead we simply changed the rules and the narrative?

Let's start with new questions. First of all, let's jettison the old ("how do you fund your church planting?"). Instead, let's ask and explore "how do you sustain a church planter / missionary long term?"

You see, the answer to that will unlock that mysterious word "sustainability" because then the pastor / planter / missionary isn't dependent how fast or how big the church grows.