You Are What You Do

Have you ever heard that phrase ... "You are what you do?" Obviously it's a bit of a hyperbole, but you get the point. It goes along the lines that we all operate by spoken and unspoken values. Usually who we are, what we're passionate about, and where are interests lie are evident in the way we live. For example, you may say (spoken) you love camping but the reality is you haven't slept in a tent in 8 years (unspoken). We can say one thing but our actions reveal another. Spoken vs. unspoken values.

We are what we do.

That doesn't always necessitate that it even translates into our current jobs. We may be passionate about working at an orphanage in Guatemala but our day job is that of a dental assistant. We may not always have the luxury to see our passions and interests line up in the same career.

But what if in ministry those mythical stars could align? That our unspoken values and spoken values line up.

Too often even within ministry there can be a "box" that people are to supposedly "fit into" (unspoken). Oh, you want to be in ministry? That means you need to go to seminary to be a pastor. Better yet, you can go to language school and become a missionary in Bolivia and work with homeless youth. Not that those are bad or wrong because that is NOT TRUE. The point is we have assumptions (unspoken ones) about what certain things mean. When someone says the word "ministry" than all of a sudden all of these unspoken assumptions and values surface.  That's why some will look at you funny when you say things like, "I feel God leading me into ministry by opening a surf shop and offering lessons" or "I feel God leading me into ministry by starting a series of community gardens to create access to healthy food in a low-income neighborhood."

Most of us have gifts, passions, and skills that are more far-reaching than these supposed boxes. Obviously, one can utilize their gifts and passions as a pastor or missionary (and we certainly hope so!).

But what if you could craft your ministry around your passions and giftings?

Let's say you're an amazing scratch baker, a master woodworker, a coffee roaster, a fashion designer, graphic designer, or brewer. How could you use that as a way to love and serve people, help lift a neighborhood's or community's economy, and provide a vehicle to share the Good News?

What if? This is what we are working to see in Intrepid. Are you in?