It's Growing. Can you Hear It?

Once in a while you realize that you've struck a chord. A song playing quietly in the background at such a low octave that it's almost inaudible. You know you hear it. You can feel it. You grab others by the shirt and say, "Can you hear it?" Often times it is met with a puzzled look as if to say you're going off the deep end.

And then you bump into someone else who hears the song.

And another.

And another.

That's exactly how it feels with building Intrepid from scratch. You realize that not only are you not alone, but many others actually hear the song. Come to find out they've been humming it all along.

There continues to be a growing surge of people reaching out to us simply to say ... "I hear that song too! How do we sing together?" In community after community we're connecting with more and more church planters and social entrepreneurs who see the world and ministry the same way that we do. We're finding each other and beginning to sing together.

Out there is a growing throng of church planting entrepreneurs who want to do more than simply plant a church ... but to be a blessing to their community through creating new businesses and non-profits while they plant churches. If this is your song too we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a message.