“Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.” (Irving Wallace)


Intrepid was started as a way to rethink not only church planting in places like North America (and beyond), but to do so with a missionary and entrepreneurial mindset. In other words, to throw out a lot of the "rules" of church planting and instead plant churches, make disciples, launch businesses, and jump into community economic development endeavors like we would if we were missionaries and entrepreneurs "over there." That is the underlying ethos of Intrepid.

Maybe a more fundamental question is ... how do we plant churches without any money? To do so we help you launch creative startups and such to sustain and free you up to love, serve, and give your life away to your community. We find this same mindset with Paul in the New Testament where he repeatedly worked his trade so as to not "be a burden" to the church. Can you imagine that? Freed to follow Christ wherever He may lead, to plant churches in places with no thought of benefitting economically, and to launch businesses to instead sustain us and love our community, meet needs, create jobs, and participate in placemaking. That's what it means to be intrepid.


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Intrepid is led by Dr. Sean Benesh. Sean has been involved in church planting for the past 15 years as a church planter, church planting strategist, and seminary professor. Currently he teaches at Warner Pacific University and Multnomah University and through Intrepid teaches and facilitates discussions on the topics of social entrepreneurship, community economic development, and church planting.

Email: sean@thetablenetwork.com. Twitter: @seanbenesh. Instagram: @seanbenesh. Website: Sean Benesh.


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Intrepid is part of The Table Network. We are a network of disciples who make disciples. We long to see people experience the freedom & family found at the table Jesus has prepared.


Generate exists for one purpose: equip churches and church planters so they can see the vision God gave them come to life. We are a family of churches that care more about our mission than our methods and the institution. Our mission is simple: to multiply disciples, churches, and networks to the fourth generation.


Intrepid originally got its start as a strategy for the newly forming North America Ministry Area for TEAM. We're still connected and collaborate. TEAM partners with churches to send missionaries and establish reproducing churches among the nations, to the glory of God.